At what point does a game become diluted, the 2009 season ended with coaches “resting” players in the final few games of the season. This might not be a big deal but at the end of a season do you really want to watch or care about a game that has more of a preseason feel instead of a possible playoff clinching game. How can you justify to season ticket holders and fans that spent what little money they had on a Payton Manning Jersey only to send out Jim Sorgi after one possession. At what point do you what the schedule to have an outrageous competitive advantage as well, fans understand injuries are a part of the game and are inevitable, however schedule the colts week 16 or 17 when they’ve clinched home field throughout the playoffs for my team anytime. You won’t see Dwight, Reggie, or Payton for longer then one or two possessions, if my division rival faced them week two at full strength that is an unbelievable advantage. Resting players can be a intelligent calculated move on a coaches part and I also realize that the NFL in 2010 recognized the problem and back loaded divisional games but adding two more games seems equivalent to watering down your liquor at a bar sure you get drunk it just takes longer and costs more money.

How many MLB fans would want to watch every game their team plays, maybe 2% of the fan base. NFL fans bleed and scratch their way to finding a way to watch, listen, or read about the game their team is playing. People outside of local markets watch NFL Red Zone, find a way to watch Sunday Ticket, subscribe to the Real Player Game Audio, or at the very least check the game flow on Why? Simply games are meaningful in other sports your record can be 58-24 or 40-33 in the NFL it’s 10-6, 12-4, and 7-9. So a major draw seems to be the importance of games, a team loses a game week 1 it’s an uphill climb the season isn’t over but you get to analyze their records to division teams and schedules. A great NFL team will almost inevitably lose two games, a good team three or four, throw in possible losses for familiarity amongst divisional rivals and a trap game your team doesn’t make the post season. Giants fans in 2010 watched a 10-6 season in which every game was important if we beat the Eagles their in, if they beat the Packers their in, ok if we beat the Redskins and the Packers lose their in. At the end you look back and see if they hadn’t blown the lead with the Eagles or hadn’t lost their cool by committing dead ball penalties against the Titans then the Packers don’t win the Super Bowl, but it’s the NFL everything counts, every yard, inch, penalties, missed field goals, a gust of wind, a cut up the middle instead of bouncing it outside and this is what makes the NFL great. I don’t want the Giants to have two more chances because I would care less about other games; meaning drives us, what’s more important having two diamonds or the diamond that your grandfather gave your grandmother that has been passed down for you to give to your wife. Thus meaning trumps excess any day.