The air conditioner has a slight hum and you can hear the air as it runs over different objects

The keys of the keyboard as they carry a melodic pattern of soft clicks

Clothing as it rubs against the arm of the seat

The slight hum of space resembling the sound on a recording under 15hz

Tapping of a finger agents a solid surface

Low grumblings of people talking in the distance

Cars engine revving

A phone vibrating

Chair moving across floor

Mouse click

Metal making contact from push open door

Footsteps on hard surface

Muffled conversation

Metal making contact from push open door

Footsteps on hard surface

Car door opening and closing

Pins on a key as a key is put into car ignition

Car engine starting

CD player sorting discs

Tiers contacting pavement

High-pitched beeping gets progressively faster seatbelt warning system

Clicking turning signal

Sound of accelerating rpm’s

Wind rushing over car body

Turning signal clicking

Sound of stick putting car in park

Key leaving ignition door opening

Footsteps on hard surface

Door opening by use of key

Tiny foots steps on linoleum and panting

Bags contacting countertop

Chair being drug across carpet door being unlocked and opened

Distant engine noise and traffic

Metal forcefully contacting metal followed by less violent points of contact

Car turning off multiple metallic doors closing

Loud excited conversation

Wind whistling through the trees

Slight sound of metal scraping hard breathing tiny points of metal contact

Inner monologue deluding outside noise

Music played at moderate level in the distance

Laughing in the distance

I find most of my listening is interrupted by intrapersonal communication. Drawn to thoughts that silence/noise is music and the performance of John Cage. His 1952 composition 4’33”, three movements of which are performed without a single note being played the composition is to be perceived as the sounds of the environment rather than merely as four minutes and 33 seconds of silence. This also brings in the bodies physical reaction to sound with venue in question. Sony recently put on a concert where the band was performing on a soundproofed stage and ran audio through the audio board directly to headphones the audience was wearing, the outcome was good reviews from the audience but there was more then a noticeable lack of movement during the show. Are our minds conditioned to respond different to physical touch, variations on sound quality, or is it just hesitation to new experiences. In the end silence as it consists of the noises of our environment is the foundation to audio creation and should be use in all projects. Nat sound should only be removed from something if it is the direct intention of the projects creator to put the audience in an uneasy setting, such a technique can be successfully in a horror story for creating suspense or tension.  Is this the point of this experiment or just the ramblings of a wandering mind? Nonetheless this is a constant “sound” I hear and does contribute to my own personal noise.