In 1999 we were all exposed to the matrix and what was called bullet time which was essentially the reverse engineering of stop motion to utilize still frames to not create motion but to stop it or slow it down, essentially freezing the action while moving the soundings in three dimensional space. This was again a film technique/theory that was widely adapted in T.V., Film, and Advertising. What we forget is that at the same time the Wachowski brothers made the matrix Chris Roberts was making Wing Commander, which beat the matrix to theaters and included the same technique. We disregard it because instead of Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Carrie Anne-Moss the cast includes Freddie Prince Jr. and Matthew Lillard. It’s hard to truly credit one or the other with the techniques creation but we usually give it to the product first to the market. This seems to be more about a great plot that’s reintroducing Plato’s allegory in the cave using contemporary means and methods as opposed to a remake of a classic 8-bit video game. The matrix was deemed a classic moments after its release because of its innovative way of taking its viewer on a ride through the perception of his own reality. While in contrast it was easy for most people to forget what seemed to be a battle between Blair (Freddie Prince Jr.) and aliens that looked more like they belong on the Muppet Show or Sesame Street then reeking havoc in space. So just because a movie is almost universally considered bad do we ignore its contributions to the world of film and media. Well sometimes we learn more from our mistakes then or success.