William Castle producer and director of such films as The Tingler flourished in the with his shameless gimmicks like jolts from buzzers under your seat or buying real life insurance known as “fright insurance”. Castle was the king of Ballyhoo, which was movie promoting at its best. These aren’t trailers its smellavision and audience plants that scream and faint at specific moments and leave the theater on a stretcher. This was the beginning of 3-d experimentation much like the Rugrats tried to bring back the scratch and sniff card that was smellavision we are seeing the resurgence of 3-D in a big way. Theaters use polarized like and 3-D T.V.s use what is essentially complicated flipbook technology TVs must refresh the picture at least 120 times a second with alternating frames for the left and right eye, which tricks your brain into seeing only one image. Either way it depends highly on the position of its audience to the television and often ends up giving the desired effect but with distortion (blur) to the original image. They are currently experimenting on ways to improve this but the technology to project on air is still far out of reach, there is the option to project inside a crystal but again both of these options are still in the very early stages and are bordering more on science fiction then fact. Currently however many companies are backing this new trend in T.V. and Film but I believe the end result will be much like that of the Betamax , HD DVDs, or MiniDisc all died for different reasons and had backing from major corporations. 3-D will make its return last a few more years and in 50 years it again will try to make another resurgence, but much like Castle and Ballyhoo in the 50’s it will only succeed in small doses.