Vick has been cleared to play after suffering a concussion from a collision with his own teammate. Also the Eagles will get their first look at free agent and ex Giants wide receiver Steve Smith. For the Giants Mario Manningham is out after his concussion suffered in the second quarter against the Rams. Tonight making his season début for the Giants is staring tight end Travis Beckum, we will see if he and the recently signed Brandon Stokley call fill the third receiver void left by the afore mentioned Steve Smith.


For the Giants this game will come down to hitting Michel Vick, the Eagles offensive line has at times allowed pressure to get to Michel Vick and considering the only part of the Giants not decimated by injuries is the defensive line this is the method they must use to attack them. However they must rely on just the front four with in addition to the Giants secondary being a weakness the Eagles may have the best wide receiving core in the league they have two of the fastest receivers in the league in Deshean Jackson and Jermey Macilin, both are primed to take it the distance at any point in the game and with the addition of Steve Smith they have the most productive third down receiver in football over his last two non-injured seasons. The Eagles make their living on the big play so if the Giants leave in the nickel package and can generate pressure with the front for they may have a chance. On offense the Giants have to pound the ball the eagles put their defensive ends in the wide nine where with the angle they line up in and the position of their heads makes it more then difficult to defend against the run. The linebackers have also been switched around this week and no how you arrange them none are close to being 6’3 275 ponds which is what Giants running back Brandon Jacobs brings to the game utilizing him and the powerful slashing style of Ahmad Bradshaw should take advantage of the underside but speedy defense the Eagles employ.


The Eagles have had the Giants number as of late and I don’t see it changing this Sunday, the Giants will try to run out the clock but in the end the Eagles big play ability will be too much to handle. Eagles over Giants 24-10