Wounded Warrior

This game reminds me of the Monty Python movie Search for the Holy Grail, specifically the black knight sequence where the knight refuses to concede the battle although he has no limbs. Both of theses teams injury reports are full of pro bowl players, veterans and starters. This game will come down to which team has the best depth and the availability of Rams starting quarter back Sam Bradford. The running game seems to have enough depth with the free agent signing of Cadillac Williams, who had a good showing in his relief of Steven Jackson (who is ruled out for Mondays game).

Familiar Faces

In addition to Steve Spagnuolo the ex giants super bowl winning defensive coordinator; the giants will also see ex giants James Butler, Craig Dahl, Fred Robbins, and Brian Kehl. All of who played over two plus seasons with the giants and saw giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride five times a week every week during their time on the team. How much of a competitive advantage will the rams have on defense in knowing tendencies and tells of Eli Manning and couch Gilbride.


Both of these teams are desperate for a win and this may be the best chance either teams has until they start getting back players. The Giants secondary is weak, while the Rams Receiving core is its weakness and with Bradfords health in question I believe the Giants have a chance to stop the Rams passing attack. With the running attack for the Rams also in question it could be a long day for the Rams. The Giants offense looked anemic last week against the Redskins and with he Rams familiarity the Rams coaches and players have with the Giants offense I don’t see it improving. In the end I see this as a low scoring affair Giants over Rams 13 to 6.