Domenik Hixon one handed touchdown grab was a thing of beauty.


With all the injuries we couldn’t expect a lot but this game felt sloppy and had the atmosphere of a preseason game. This truly makes you wonder if the lack of offseason training camps due to the lockout is having more of an affect on the NFL then we though. However this game will always be know as the “Double Dive” it was more then obvious by the way Williams and Grant fell to the ground no more then five feet from each other that their might be just a bit of acting involved. Williams got up shortly after his “flop” realizing Grant was next to him trying to accomplish the same thing. After the game Brian Kehl accused Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewel of coaching his players to “flop” Kehl was on the Giants for Fewels first season with the team but was cut after training camp. In Fewels post game press conference he refused to deny or confirm the allegations.  But would it surprise anyone if that were the case his job is to give his players the best possible chance of winning and on Monday the Giants left with the win.

Domenik Hixon just one year after his season ending knee injury repeated the same injury on his touchdown grab. This makes last weeks signing of Brandon Stokley all the more important. In other news wide receiver Mario Manningham suffered a concussion and is doubtful for Sundays division game against the Eagles.