We have become accustomed to watching players “flop” in soccer in an attempt to get a free kick, or in basketball I attempt to neutralize players like Shaq and Dwight Howard form constantly using their size to back down players into the post. After the Giants Monday matchup with the Rams we were exposed to how a “flop” is used in football.  It’s almost impossible to determine if a player has an injury such as a burner/stinger or other temporary injuries but player safety is always at the forefront of all NFL games which is why the referees stop the clock and allow teams training staffs on the field to examine players. In the 40’s players used this to stop the clock in order to allow the offense more time to score at the end of the game. So the NFL instituted a rule that involved lose of time outs or time of the clock to deter players from “flopping”. The modern day NFL has progressed from the running back driven teams of the past an all out aerial attack we see today and an offense can gain advantages by running the hurry up offense and tiring the defense and hampering their ability to adjust personal groups. So to combat this new trend players have resulted to a time “honored” tradition in sports the “flop”. As the game evolves and the rules change in order to help the offense in order to “protect players” or maybe to drive up game scores for ratting whichever it is, defenses will always try to find a ways to reduce their competitors advantage.