Considered a project player when taken with the 15th overall pick in the 2010 draft Jason Pierre-Paul impressed scouts with his “freakish” athletic ability which he put on display during the combine in Indianapolis. The media however latched on to his youtube video where the 6’5 280 pound defensive end was having a backhand spring competition with a teammate who played wide receiver, he not only won but also completed 22 consecutively without any signs of fatigue. Espn conducted test on Pierre-Paul before the draft and he hit a heavy bag for a three-point stance much like he would engage an offensive lineman and he hit the bag consistently with over 2600 pounds of pressure. All this sounds great but the Giants took a “flyer” on a player who was freakishly gifted but had only played one year of football. The South Florida product has since then impressed everyone he has come into contact with, Jason didn’t star seeing the field with any regularity till the final 3 games and in the final two games he registered a pair of sacks in each. Now in his second season he is starting due to an injury to pro bowl right end Osi Umenyiora and currently is tied for the league lead with sacks with four and a half. Most impressive was his last game against the Eagles he was credited with nine tackles and two sacks those stats as impressive as they are don’t tell you what he really contributed to the game. All game he threw his arms up blocking Mike Vicks vision and obstructing his passing lanes. He pressured Vick the hole game and on one of his sack got immediate pressure on a bull rush and flushed Vick from the pocket and in doing so went to the ground but got up and tracked Vick down on the opposite side of the field to take him down for the sack. Later he waved to the sideline as he was cramping but said no one noticed so he decided to take the snap and executed a perfect swim move and picked up his second sack of the day. This is a gifted play and with the ability to learn from the best in Umenyiora and Justin Tuck he should only continue to improve mark my words expect to see this young man to make the pro bowl this year and for the foreseeable future.