For just a little over three hundred dollars you can get the ePhoto Camcorder Steady Shoulder Rig with Follow Focus for DSLR Video Cameras. Other comparable rigs run anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars. Other rigs do typically include a weight on the back of the shoulder rest but the ePhoto rig does have straps where you can put your own weight, a 2.5 pound five dollar weight from Wal-Mart works great. Now it is possible to just get the Rig for one hundred seventy dollars but at some point if you want follow focus and you will buying them together saves you roughly forty dollars. After experiencing follow focus its almost impossible to think of life without it, a simple piece of rubber wraps around and locks on the focal ring of your DSLR. Then you attach a knob to your rig that interlocks with the ridges one your focal ring, this makes the knob act as a handle that stabilizes your shot while allowing you to maintain amazing control of your depth of field. You may also use the same principle on a telephoto lens to give you equal control over the zoom functions of the lenses, however it isn’t possible to control zoom and focus at the same time with the ring. That being its only drawback, I realize three hundred dollars isn’t an insignificant amount of money but for the control and stabilization that this can give to your DSLR and the next comparable set up being almost double in price this is a must have for any low budget filmmaker.