As far as our group Spree works for RVL and has enlisted the use of the facebook wall to deal with relationships and questions of RVL’s costumers/viewers utilizing the close-knit groups in a social network RVL can create and maintain positive relationships with the community.


The facebook wall is also a good place for the release of information not only does RVL post links to their current articles but we have also used it to push our contest, which we hope, will generate buzz and awareness of both RVL and the contest itself. We also use more traditional methods of handing out flyers but with a new school twist implementing our QR code links. RVL said they hope to get a larger college age following and using the QR codes is a way we hope to get them interested at least enough to view our promo videos.


We also try to effectively use video in our releases we have a teaser video with almost no information which will hopefully draw people to our more detailed contest video. We feel by showing adds in this way we again can reach out to the desired demographic expressed by RVL. So with the combination of old and new tactics we hope to reach the goal we originally set with the client.