Tim Jones Original score (75 episodes, 2007-2011)

Scott Schirle Music editor (77 episodes, 2007-2011)


Most of the time people use what they know works and don’t venture too much out of that comfort zone. Jones and Schirle has noticed that their spy show doesn’t employ your typical James Bond/Jason Bourne type of spy and they reflect it in the shows score. It all starts with the opening theme it’s a version of the Cake song short skirt and long jacket it sets the comical yet serious stone to the program. The rest of the scores are songs from little known singer songwriters mostly in live acoustic fashion. It gives the show a real honest feel and is an effective way to convey the emotions of the actors. In many circumstances music is considered a crutch used to legitimize poor works of cinema, but this is a masterful use of music and is the perfect compliment to the story and presentation.