First Pick

DT Ndamukong Suh 2nd Season

Second Pick

DE Jason Pierre-Paul 2nd Season

Third Pick

OT Joe Thomas 5th Season

Forth Pick

C Nick Mangold 6th Season

Fifth Pick

DT Haloti Ngata 6th Season

Sixth pick

DE Justin Tuck 7th Season

Seventh pick

WR Calvin Johnson 5th Season

Eight pick

CB Darrelle Revis 5th Season

Ninth pick

MLB Patrick Willis 5th Season

Tenth Pick

OLB Jon Beason 5th Season

Eleventh pick

DE Demarcus Ware

Twelfth pick

G Jahri Evans 6th Season

Thirteenth pick

Jake Long 4th Season

Fourteenth pick

Hakeem Nicks 3rd Season

Fifteenth Pick

Cortland Finnegan 6th Season


In an all NFL draft the my board for top 15 choices are listed above, I’m sure the main question is why the list doesn’t contain a RB or QB that’s because I feel you can get a solid running back much latter and with a great o-line almost any back can succeed.  QB is tougher to explain but we have seen many QB’s come into the league with endless talent and fail and a lot of that has to do with the o-line and protection problems.  That being said Trent Dilfer won a super bowl with a great defense but I cant recall a super bowl winner that wasn’t strong in both trenches. Give me those 15 guys, plus a few other good quality guys, and Tim Tebow wins the supper bowl for the next 10 years. Honestly you could take your pick of young or decent quality quarterbacks David Carr, Alex Smith, Chad Henne , or almost anyone.