Most of us try to forget how the Giants defense looked like back when Tim Lewis was the defensive coordinator. At times it looked anemic at best the only player he seemed to get consistent production was Michel Strahan. That being said Lewis was given a great talent out of LSU a young corner back named Corey Webster, in his first few seasons with the Giants Lewis used Webster in a limited capacity never giving him the opportunity to flourish. Enter Steve Spagnuolo in 2007, Spags often left Webster and Rookie Corner Arron Ross on islands in order to execute his exotic blitz packages. The two young corners responded to the challenge and rewarded the trust with a championship. The Giants current defensive coordinator is placing his trust in Webster and Ross and they currently are performing at their 2007 level. Over the first six weeks of the season Webster has shadowed every teams #1 receiver, while Ross has taken out the #2. The result is an average of just about one interception a game and the highest team sack total in the NFL.