Typically I stick to talking about the Giants but there are two players in this league that you can’t help but admire and love to watch. One will be talked about later in an upcoming post about a team fantasy draft. Calvin Johnson (megatron) at 6’5 236 pounds and in his 5th season is the best wide receiver I have ever seen. It’s still debated if he’s a top five receiver by the media, but with 4.3 speed and size that is comparable to that of a tight end has anyone seen a DB or LB that can hope to cover him? Average size for a DB is less than 6’0 and 190 pounds and these are the only guys who can match his speed his QB throws the ball high and 90% of the time Johnson comes down with it. Then we come to safeties and linebackers none can match size with speed with Johnson, This is Johnsons first season with a QB that we all would say is average or better then average (Matt Staford) and Johnson has 679 10 TD’s and is averaging a staggering 16.6 yards per reception. That means he’s averaging more then a TD per game and is averaging almost 100 yards per game (97 to be exact). So being one of the most productive and physically gifted WR’s to ever play in the NFL given the choice of any WR in the game today there isn’t another option and he should be in the argument of all time, and yes it’s only been 5 years but no one needed more then a year to tell you Gail Sayers, LT, or Decon Jones were all time greats.