Game Balls


Cory Webster 4 tackles and two interceptions; Webster stopped two drives that looked destined to end up in touchdowns.


Amahad Bradshaw 26 carries for 104 yards and 3 touchdowns; although he didn’t have a great yards per carry average he was responsible for all of the Giants touchdowns.


Eli Manning 21/32 for 292 yards; he didn’t make the critical mistake and although he didn’t throw a touchdown but was able to drive the ball within the 5 yards line three times so that Bradshaw could run it in.


Mathis Kiwanuka six solo tackles and a sack; although he has been a linebacker before it still is impressive that Kiwanuka is having such an impact on this team as a 4-3 linebacker but as the Giants front office has always said you put the best 11 guys on the field and the giants do that even if they have to play out of position.


This was a good game for the Giants they gave up some big plays but controlled the game through turnovers.