Game balls


Eli Manning 27/40 321 yards and two touchdowns; Eli is proving himself to be one of the best forth quarter QB’s in the NFL.


H. Nicks 10 receptions 162 yards and a touchdown; Nicks looks like he has the potential to be the most productive receiver in Giants history.


V. Cruz 6 receptions for 98 yards; Cruz has earned his place on this team and is proving to be the solution to Steve Smiths departure.


J. Ballard 3 receptions 33 yards and a touchdown; Ballard may not hay Kevin Bosses hands or even be able to match his speed, but he continues to find ways to get open and be a productive part of the offense.


O. Umenyiora two sacks and a forced fumble; Osi showed why he thinks he deserves a new contract, and may have put on a bit of a show to entice a possible trade partner for the week six trade deadline.




In the end the Giants won, however even if Tom Coughlin does agree with the Victor Cruz call no one else should. The Giants lost this game but the referees said Cruz “gave himself up” now I bleed blue, but if Plaxico Buress spiking the ball after giving himself up is a fumble and if when people dive and roll to a first down isn’t giving your self up Cruz lying down and getting up untouched with out the ball is a fumble.