Eli Manning 24/39 420 yards and 3 touchdowns; productive game but with two tipped passes one going for an offensive touchdown and one being picked off by the Seahawks and being returned for a touchdown it seemed he did have some magic but not enough to win.


Victor Cruz 8 receptions 161 and a touchdown; Cruz almost tipped the Giants to a victory making one of the most amazing one handed grabs off a tipped pass you’ll ever see, however turn about is fair play and on the Giants final drive Cruz slipped on a route and tipped up an Eli manning pass that went for a pick six.


Jake Ballard 3 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown; Kevin Boss will always be a quality person that Giants fans will miss both off and on the field but Ballard is quickly etching a name for himself with each passing game.


Jasson Pierre Paul 5 solo tackles and 2 sacks in the battle of first round picks JPP won with continuous knockout punches. He is proving to be the steel of the draft and that’s saying something considering he was the 15th overall selection but no one passes on a Michel Strahan, Justin Tuck,or  Mario Williams so anything short of top two (considering Suh was also in this draft) is a steal.


The Giants let one get away from them and can’t have a lapse like this again if they hope to make the playoffs.