Plaxico Burress 6’5 230 ponds tenth season visited with his former team this offseason and decided to return to New York where he had previously been a supper bowl hero, however he didn’t return to the Giants but signed with the Jets. Ever since the 2008 season the Giants have been trying to replace his redzone presence and a player at his size in strength isn’t easy to come by. That being said the Giants have drafted well at wide receiver: Hakeem Nicks 6’1 210 pounds in his third season and would have been an obvious selection to the probowl had it not been for injury: Mario Manningham 6’0 185 pounds in his fourth season has shown both the speed and the hands to be an all around productive receiver for the Giants: Victor Cruz 6’0 210 pounds in his second season had an outstanding offseason last year before injury and has been a huge playmaker for the team this year. But it’s in Ramses Barden (6’6 230 pounds in his third season) that the Giants see Plaxicos redzone replacement. We’ve all seen Larry Fitzgerald and the

Johnsons Andre and Calvin (no relations) out jump opposing DB’s on fade routes in the redzone. That’s how the Giants envision Barden at 6’6 230 he can use his body and leaping ability in a way that makes couches salivate. Barden has been sidlined the majority of his first two seasons by injury but has yet another chance to prove himself returning to practice October 24 he has a chance to work his way back into the line up and give the Giants that scary weapon they have been missing.