Defense has always been my passion as far as football goes and pass rushers are my drugs. It has been my great honor to witness LT, Michael Strahan, Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas, and there are a few currently playing that have a shot to make some noise once it’s all said and done (Peppers,Frenny, and Alan). The one play I admire more then all and if we could have an all-time draft and have any player to build a franchise around the pick is simple Deacon Jones. We see people have rules made for them like the Roy Williams Horse Collar tackle and so on but name one other time we have seen a player make so many of one type of play that he coined a term that we now keep as a stat “sack”. Deacon said he lived to hit QB’s and wanted to make them feel like they were put in a sack and beaten when he hit them, hence the term sack. Now a day it’s one of the biggest plays in football and players make a premium to pressure the QB, sacks however didn’t become an official stat till the 1982 season. Jones had however recorded his and Michael Strahan holds the current NFL record at 22.5 in a 16 game season, Deacon however played less then sixteen games and had season that he said he had seasons that exceeded 24 sacks and I believe him. It’s great to worship the points scored by the QB’s in the leagues history but give me the guys how make the best QB’s scared to stand behind any offensive line any day and they’ll show you the definition of game changer.