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Chapters 17 and 18

Timing of the release of information- building relationships with bloggers who have the power to release information to a wide verity of users is a risk dependant on trust and contracts. You can give outlets first release but do not give them the information before the release date without an agreement in writing concerning release date and time. We were fortunate to have complete control using RVL’s website and facebook page we were able to present information to the public at the times when we wanted. We also made business cards that were passed out to participants so that they could release their contest info to their independent groups. This and the publicity by releasing contest info over the course of a month helped created quite a buzz. Although it is hard to measure the success of Internet 2.0 we have measurable data with site hits, votes generated for contestants, and facebook likes/friend adds. Constantly monitoring this and the finial number of views for the released grand prize video, in addition to the comparison of site activity before and after. Will give us a relatively good representation of what type of interest we created in RVL.



One Super task for the Elite

The media was a buzz at the beginning of the season because the normally reserved Manning was asked if he thought he was Elite at his position. He responded with a passionate yes and put himself in a class with the QB he beat in Super Bowl XLII. This weekend Eli goes head to head again with the universally revered Tom Brady, this may not be the Super Bowl but it will be the measuring stick that will define what has been an amazing season for Eli. This weekend Brady will have all his weapons at his disposal, while the constantly doubted Eli will be missing his #1 target in Hakeem Nicks and could also be without his #2 due to an undisclosed illness and even if he is available he wasn’t able to practice all week so we should expect rust. If that wasn’t enough the Giants won’t have the services of Ahamad Bradshaw who will be out due to a broken foot. Traditionally Eli has been most effective passing after play-action which will be less effective this weekend due to the increasingly ineffective running game of the Giants. The sad fact is even if Eli overcomes all of these things and gives an inspired performance he will still fail to silence his critics.

In a rematch of Super Bowl XLII this Sunday it’s the Giants Vs. the Pats.


Justin Tuck and Tom Brady: Tuck could have easily been Bowl XLII MVP. It will be interesting to see how Giants defensive coordinator utilizes Tuck he has found success rushing from the d-tackle spot as well as end and linebacker.


Eli Vs. the World: earlier this year Eli said he was Elite and said he was in the same class as Brady. This weekend he gets to go head to head with that statement. He will also not be able to rely on the running game which has been anemic as of late and has taken another hit with its leading rusher breaking his foot. If that wasn’t enough Eli’s number one target Hakeem Nicks is expected to miss the game and Mario Manningham had miss practice all week with an undisclosed illness. Eli will have to excel by using receivers he hasn’t spent much time with this season.


Victor Cruz and the Pats DB’s: Nicks is down Manningham has missed practice all week and most likely the starting receiver across from him will have just come off the PUP list and will see his first action of the season. Cruz needs to have a big game and will probably see regular safety help given to covering him.


If the Giants sack Brady like they did in Bowl XLII then they win if they don’t they lose. I see a high scoring affair Giants get up big to overcome for their coach 31:28

The book addresses the way marketing communications (that are person to person) are veering off its designed path and merging with and becoming more customer service. During the process of promoting River Valley Leader we have pushed a contest that will pit local musicians talents against one another for a prize. I have personally gone to every local music venue I could find and get the word out and although I was unable to get every act I wanted to participate in the contest through discussions it was very evident that many fans and other bands plan on supporting their counterparts that they perform with. Developing these relationships is very important in reaching a previously untapped audience also getting front streets music director involved and having people willing to support their friends got them to the site and allowed them to see its advantages. The mug shot section on the site enthralled most people and seems to be the thing that’s most likely to get this demographic to return to the site even after the voting ends. Also allowing them to vote multiple time will keep them coming back and maybe draw their attention to other tings RVL has to offer and even if we only develop 100 new viewers through this contest the time we took to talk to the consumer will make them more likely to be dedicated readers/viewers.