The book addresses the way marketing communications (that are person to person) are veering off its designed path and merging with and becoming more customer service. During the process of promoting River Valley Leader we have pushed a contest that will pit local musicians talents against one another for a prize. I have personally gone to every local music venue I could find and get the word out and although I was unable to get every act I wanted to participate in the contest through discussions it was very evident that many fans and other bands plan on supporting their counterparts that they perform with. Developing these relationships is very important in reaching a previously untapped audience also getting front streets music director involved and having people willing to support their friends got them to the site and allowed them to see its advantages. The mug shot section on the site enthralled most people and seems to be the thing that’s most likely to get this demographic to return to the site even after the voting ends. Also allowing them to vote multiple time will keep them coming back and maybe draw their attention to other tings RVL has to offer and even if we only develop 100 new viewers through this contest the time we took to talk to the consumer will make them more likely to be dedicated readers/viewers.