The media was a buzz at the beginning of the season because the normally reserved Manning was asked if he thought he was Elite at his position. He responded with a passionate yes and put himself in a class with the QB he beat in Super Bowl XLII. This weekend Eli goes head to head again with the universally revered Tom Brady, this may not be the Super Bowl but it will be the measuring stick that will define what has been an amazing season for Eli. This weekend Brady will have all his weapons at his disposal, while the constantly doubted Eli will be missing his #1 target in Hakeem Nicks and could also be without his #2 due to an undisclosed illness and even if he is available he wasn’t able to practice all week so we should expect rust. If that wasn’t enough the Giants won’t have the services of Ahamad Bradshaw who will be out due to a broken foot. Traditionally Eli has been most effective passing after play-action which will be less effective this weekend due to the increasingly ineffective running game of the Giants. The sad fact is even if Eli overcomes all of these things and gives an inspired performance he will still fail to silence his critics.