Timing of the release of information- building relationships with bloggers who have the power to release information to a wide verity of users is a risk dependant on trust and contracts. You can give outlets first release but do not give them the information before the release date without an agreement in writing concerning release date and time. We were fortunate to have complete control using RVL’s website and facebook page we were able to present information to the public at the times when we wanted. We also made business cards that were passed out to participants so that they could release their contest info to their independent groups. This and the publicity by releasing contest info over the course of a month helped created quite a buzz. Although it is hard to measure the success of Internet 2.0 we have measurable data with site hits, votes generated for contestants, and facebook likes/friend adds. Constantly monitoring this and the finial number of views for the released grand prize video, in addition to the comparison of site activity before and after. Will give us a relatively good representation of what type of interest we created in RVL.