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R.I.P Zach Carr

The original intent of my project was much like all my others “to tell a story”. However the original story I went out to shoot had complications. Being unable to shoot at the hospital or being able to afford the whiskey known as Van Winkle were two major portions of the original project structure, but much like unforeseen problems have in the past (Dustin Hoffman saying “I’m walking here” as a New York Taxi driver drove through the barricaded street on to a set and almost hit the actor he held character and coined a line for the ages) I believe the outcome was greater then its original intent. Most everything I shoot still or moving is shot in a way that I believe shows beautiful realism, to most this is depressing take on the real but to me it’s the beauty of pain and torment.  As far as being a friend, responsible, rational, or even a coherent being goes the subject isn’t the best example. To his credit however he has the ability to reveal emotion in ways that I find to be truly unique. The shoot took place over a ten hour period where the subject was no more then himself, enraged and saddened by the hand he has been dealt of recent and copping it with the only way he knows how. Starting the day with shots on an almost closed aperture F 22 I set up an ellipsoidal light spotlighting only the sections of the action I wanted reveled. This gave me four shouts that placed the model in an almost void darkness as he showed the beginning of his attempt his turmoil. The black to me also represented his feeling that he was truly alone in his current struggle leaving him to fall back on his only consistent friend whisky. The next segment took place in my restroom and was entirely based on shutter speed, this was shot out of the timeline in the story because I thought it was best to get the difficult shots that relied on the models ability to stand still and or hit marks in his movement before he “identified with the character he represented so well that he would be unable to stop from swaying”. These shots were a lot of hit and miss and generating random ideas that I thought would express inner turmoil. During this process one of the more interesting shots that occurred was one where eyes became almost entirely glassed over and didn’t reveal the pupil. The original idea was an attempt to black out his eyes by using the slow shutter speed and capturing his pupil multiple times, in fact the reverse happened the movement removed almost all color from his eyes an gave his eyes a more metallic or silver look. The desired emotion I wanted the audience to feel was reached but from a different outcome. The next shoot was my favorite and made me long for a magical motion camera that can pull out color and blackness the way a night shot with a slow shutter speed can. This portion of the project was designed to show the viewer that there is a portion of self-destruction that the subject enjoys otherwise why commits such detrimental behavior. The subject is placed against the backdrop of the city and its lights and using the shutter in some instances almost seems to be in a dream as lights and shadow hold him in an almost god like state. This was the desired outcome for the look of the pictures. This was to be followed by the aforementioned shoot showing the crash from this high and I hoped the juxtaposition of these segments would draw more shock and reaction from the viewer. The final shoot of the project took place in the ruins of an old building in town. Much like his surroundings the subjects time of being useful and in working condition have passed I wanted to leave this portion as dark as possible concentrating on shadow to no longer hold him in her embrace but to express the subjects eminent destruction. I took a large portion of close-ups of the subjects face with changing light and shadow with the idea of putting this to a score and creating hectic shadow motion with a fade over his eyes to show the darkening of his eyes by shadow, much like pulling a blanket over a deceased persons face, or closing their eyes out of respect. In the presentation of this photo shoot I decided to make a video I made two cuts because originally the idea had came from Gnarls Barkley’s CD Saint Elsewhere I scored it to a costume mix I had made from 4 songs off that album. This proved to be more comical then moving and the viewer was driven by the words from the songs as apposed to the images, thus leading me to make another cut to Radio Heads Reckoner. This is a beautiful but is more of a ballad without words with a heavenly eeriness and I believed it was much more effective. In the end the project had some shortcomings but more then accurately represented and evoked its desired effect.




Chuck Vs. The Score

Tim Jones Original score (75 episodes, 2007-2011)

Scott Schirle Music editor (77 episodes, 2007-2011)


Most of the time people use what they know works and don’t venture too much out of that comfort zone. Jones and Schirle has noticed that their spy show doesn’t employ your typical James Bond/Jason Bourne type of spy and they reflect it in the shows score. It all starts with the opening theme it’s a version of the Cake song short skirt and long jacket it sets the comical yet serious stone to the program. The rest of the scores are songs from little known singer songwriters mostly in live acoustic fashion. It gives the show a real honest feel and is an effective way to convey the emotions of the actors. In many circumstances music is considered a crutch used to legitimize poor works of cinema, but this is a masterful use of music and is the perfect compliment to the story and presentation.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 The movie was shot perfectly, but if you can find fault with the film it’s that the story itself dictates and drives most of its presentation leaving very little room for creativity on the directing and editing side of things. As unfair as it is, to make this movie effective it had to be shot the way it way which was great but not groundbreaking.


Story- 🙂 🙂 The story is so good that all it will get is a ranking because it’s something you have to see and experience for yourself.


Acting-  🙂 🙂 Robert Downey Jr. is absolutely amazing and it makes you wonder if Marisa Tomei can win an Oscar for MY Cousin Vinny why didn’t Downey add another Oscar to his collection for best actor. This film also sees the resurgence of Val Kilmer. Long removed from Top Gun, The Saint, and The Ghost And The Darkness Kilmer shows us why he was considered one of Hollywood’s elite. On a personal note I haven’t enjoyed Val Kilmer’s portrayal of a character this much since Madmartigan in Willow.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 🙂 This film is the perfect example of how to use computer graphics to compliment a film. The directing and cinematography are by far the strongest elements in the movie. This is as made even more impressive by the fact the story of the tree of life has been depicted in films and other forms of art numerous times, but after watching the film the only image your mind will access in reference to the tree of life is the stunning vision Darren Aronofsky graced us with in this film.


Story- 😕  Nothing special we all know the basic story structure of any story involving a source of immortality. It of course has its own take on the timeless story but the pace of the story is slow and without the stunning images on the screen keeping the interest of the audience would be a difficult task.


Acting-  🙂 🙂 Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz put on a performances that are second to none, but with the weakness in the story and the unbelievable amount of aesthetic appeal their performances are often overlooked.


Barney’s Version :) :) :) :) :)

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 Richard J. Lewis directed a beautiful movie that can touches your heart. He is able to bring out the comedic elements in a very serious story; all while intertwining many facets of one mans life.


Story- 🙂 🙂  We follow Paul Giamatti (Barney) through the three major parts of his life, it just so happens that the three major events were all marriages. It’s a journey through obligation, convince, and love all the while dissecting human relationships between father and son, friend and lover, soul mates, best friends, and many more. But at no point does the story overextend itself; it finds a way to combine almost every genre of film in to one of last years most amazing stories.


Acting- 🙂 🙂 the amazing cast gives and equally amazing performane form the three wives Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver, and Rachelle Lefevre, to Dustin Hoffman as Barneys father in one of the most subtly brilliant comedic roles of his career. All this of course is highlight by maybe the best performance by Paul Giamatti.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 Iciar Bollain directs a stunning movie; the composition of the film is as beautiful as the locations in which it was shot.


Story- 🙂 🙂 Writer Paul Laverty uses the production of a movie about Christopher Columbus to introduce his main characters into a volatile fight between the locals and the governing powers. The crew has chosen this place because the budget of the film is tight and here he can hire local actors and extras for severely reduced pay. Things go smoothly until a conflict erupts over the privatization of the water supply. The trouble is that one of the local actors, is a leading activist in the protest, eventually an all out war ensues and the crew must make life changing decisions that could mean life and death.


Acting- 🙂 Gael Garcia Bernal and Luis Tosar give moving performance and really tie the movies two storylines together making this a truly complete film.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 it was shot and edited in the way that most of Guy Ritchies films are, it does venture out a little bit in a few completely animated scenes.

Story- 😕 After seven years in solitary, Jake (Jason Statham) is released from prison. He amasses a lot of money by gambling. He’s ready to seek his revenge on Dorothy (Ray Liotta) a less then reputable casino owner who sent Jake to prison. Doctors tell Jake he has a rare disease and will die in three days. Then he meets up with Vincent Pastore and Andre Benjamin 3000 and from there the story becomes convoluted and full of it self. It’s something you have to watch to fully understand its attempt at complexity.

Acting- 🙂 The acting was strong all around from all contributors but nothing earth shattering. It was pleasant to see that Andre 3000 did have some acting chops and was one of the strongest things on the screen.

It’s a more then watchable film but it’s not a movie you’d expect to see in many movie collections.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 🙂 Everything director Derek Cianfrance did in this movie compliments the emotion of the story. Some scenes looked to be shot with a simple handheld camera but this actually added to the real feel and raw emotion of the film.


Story- 🙂 🙂 It’s examines the dynamic of a contemporary relationship from it’s beautiful conception to its devastating conclusion. It may be the saddest movie ever and is jokingly referred to as the robot test because it’s almost impossible to restrain from crying during the film.


Acting- 🙂 🙂 Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams give the most emotionally naked performances that the silver screen has ever seen. As emotionally driving as Ryan Goslings performance was in the Notebook he far surpasses anything we have seen from him before. I’d go as far to say that it was the rawest and most honest performance I’ve ever witnessed.


In the end this may be the only movie I ever rate with a perfect score. So please go see it at least once and although it doesn’t have your typical happy ending it will completely satisfy you in every way.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 Nicolas Winding Refn directed a gritty masterpiece. His use of still photos and paper clippings was as unique as it was brilliant. The use of camera angles and selective focus combined with a unique editing style makes audiences cling to the edge of their seats.


Story- 🙂 A young man who was sentenced to 7 years in prison for robbing a post office ends up spending 30 years in solitary confinement. During this time, his alter ego, Charles Bronson, supplants his own personality. This movie is called an classified in action/biography/crime but the comedic elements of this movie are hard to ignore. All in all Charles Bronson/Michael Peterson was a more then interesting guy and you should enjoy the story.


Acting- 🙂 🙂 Tom Hardy is masterful in his first leading role, he gives as convincing a performance as I have ever seem and is hopefully representative of a new wave of action heroes that can actually act.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 it’s shot well and the location is the perfect fit to the story. I’m sure most of you have herd of the horrible American remake, but the original Finish version is far superior in its directing and cinematic appeal. The Director uses wide empty shots to evoke the feeling of isolation and loneliness in the characters.

Story-  🙂 it’s the tale of a vampire child her struggle to live, but mostly its her love story with a boy who is as alienated from the world as she is and the struggle to keep each other safe. Most of you will draw comparisons from this to Twilight and in no way are these stories on the same level, Let the Right One In is a far superior story.

Acting- 🙂 🙂 the entire story is produced with grade school children and they seemed like seasoned professionals in front of the camera. It’s something you have to see to believe.