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Gameday Giants Vs. Bills

Match Ups


Giants Defense and Freddy Jackson Jackson is in the top 5 in every running back category and considering the Giants gave up big plays last week to Marshaun Lynch they will need to do a lot better this week to pull out a win.


Eli and the Bills secondary just last week the Bills picked of Tom Brady 4 times, his entire total for last season. So considering Eli past turnover problems and the Giants tendency to tip passes they will have to be on the same page this week.


Cory Webster and Stevie Johnson so far this season Webster has been lined up across from the best #1 revivers in the game and held more then just his own this season but Stevie is moved all over the field and is utilized regularly in the short passing game much like Greg Jennings of the Packers who has given Webster trouble in the past.




This is a tough one because it’s hard to know what the Bills really are, both of these teams are performing above expectations but history says the Giants are the better team so in a close one Giants win 17 to 14.





The big matchup of the day will be the Giants secondary vs. Larry Fitzgerald. So far Kevin Kolb is having difficulty picking up the Cardinals playbook and meshing with his new team, but has no trouble when it comes to getting Fitzgerald the ball. Arron Ross is having a resurgence after being benched earlier in the season and is showing why he was a first round pick and was an integral part to the Giants supper bowl run in 2007. He along with fellow defensive back Corry Webster will try to contain Fitzgerald look for Giants Defensive Coordinator to give safety help to whatever side of the field Fitzgerald lines up on. Osi Umenyiora is also back on the field for the first time this season maybe in an attempt to flash his skills again before the week six trade deadline alleviating any doubts about his knee. He and Jason Pierre Paul will try to apply constant pressure to Kolb in an attempt to help the DB’s contain Fitzgerald.



Each week it seems more and more like the quality of the games is depreciating and we aren’t looking at the strengths of teams but rather if they can overcome injuries and weaknesses. Unfortunately this game comes down who has better chemistry, Eli will connect with Nicks and utilize the running game enough to eek out a W. Giants win 28-17


In Memoriam

One day we may live in a world without newspapers and landlines. A quarter of Americans do not have a landline and report having a cell phone only. More Americans are now report getting their news from the internet than newspapers. In the fast paced global community people want the convenience of mobility and the speed of instant updates. And while these innovations serve as signs of progression in the age of modern technology there may be something amiss about the thought that future generations and even some individuals  of the current generation may never know the simple satisfaction of enjoying a cup of coffee and leisurely reading a newspaper. Future generations may never use the phrase “house phone” and may not be cognizant of a world without cell phones. What a sad day that may be. But then again, the only thing scarier than change is the idea that things may never change.

Most of us try to forget how the Giants defense looked like back when Tim Lewis was the defensive coordinator. At times it looked anemic at best the only player he seemed to get consistent production was Michel Strahan. That being said Lewis was given a great talent out of LSU a young corner back named Corey Webster, in his first few seasons with the Giants Lewis used Webster in a limited capacity never giving him the opportunity to flourish. Enter Steve Spagnuolo in 2007, Spags often left Webster and Rookie Corner Arron Ross on islands in order to execute his exotic blitz packages. The two young corners responded to the challenge and rewarded the trust with a championship. The Giants current defensive coordinator is placing his trust in Webster and Ross and they currently are performing at their 2007 level. Over the first six weeks of the season Webster has shadowed every teams #1 receiver, while Ross has taken out the #2. The result is an average of just about one interception a game and the highest team sack total in the NFL.

Aesthetic Appeal- 🙂 The movie was shot perfectly, but if you can find fault with the film it’s that the story itself dictates and drives most of its presentation leaving very little room for creativity on the directing and editing side of things. As unfair as it is, to make this movie effective it had to be shot the way it way which was great but not groundbreaking.


Story- 🙂 🙂 The story is so good that all it will get is a ranking because it’s something you have to see and experience for yourself.


Acting-  🙂 🙂 Robert Downey Jr. is absolutely amazing and it makes you wonder if Marisa Tomei can win an Oscar for MY Cousin Vinny why didn’t Downey add another Oscar to his collection for best actor. This film also sees the resurgence of Val Kilmer. Long removed from Top Gun, The Saint, and The Ghost And The Darkness Kilmer shows us why he was considered one of Hollywood’s elite. On a personal note I haven’t enjoyed Val Kilmer’s portrayal of a character this much since Madmartigan in Willow.


Typically I stick to talking about the Giants but there are two players in this league that you can’t help but admire and love to watch. One will be talked about later in an upcoming post about a team fantasy draft. Calvin Johnson (megatron) at 6’5 236 pounds and in his 5th season is the best wide receiver I have ever seen. It’s still debated if he’s a top five receiver by the media, but with 4.3 speed and size that is comparable to that of a tight end has anyone seen a DB or LB that can hope to cover him? Average size for a DB is less than 6’0 and 190 pounds and these are the only guys who can match his speed his QB throws the ball high and 90% of the time Johnson comes down with it. Then we come to safeties and linebackers none can match size with speed with Johnson, This is Johnsons first season with a QB that we all would say is average or better then average (Matt Staford) and Johnson has 679 10 TD’s and is averaging a staggering 16.6 yards per reception. That means he’s averaging more then a TD per game and is averaging almost 100 yards per game (97 to be exact). So being one of the most productive and physically gifted WR’s to ever play in the NFL given the choice of any WR in the game today there isn’t another option and he should be in the argument of all time, and yes it’s only been 5 years but no one needed more then a year to tell you Gail Sayers, LT, or Decon Jones were all time greats.

Game Balls


Cory Webster 4 tackles and two interceptions; Webster stopped two drives that looked destined to end up in touchdowns.


Amahad Bradshaw 26 carries for 104 yards and 3 touchdowns; although he didn’t have a great yards per carry average he was responsible for all of the Giants touchdowns.


Eli Manning 21/32 for 292 yards; he didn’t make the critical mistake and although he didn’t throw a touchdown but was able to drive the ball within the 5 yards line three times so that Bradshaw could run it in.


Mathis Kiwanuka six solo tackles and a sack; although he has been a linebacker before it still is impressive that Kiwanuka is having such an impact on this team as a 4-3 linebacker but as the Giants front office has always said you put the best 11 guys on the field and the giants do that even if they have to play out of position.


This was a good game for the Giants they gave up some big plays but controlled the game through turnovers.

Game balls


Eli Manning 27/40 321 yards and two touchdowns; Eli is proving himself to be one of the best forth quarter QB’s in the NFL.


H. Nicks 10 receptions 162 yards and a touchdown; Nicks looks like he has the potential to be the most productive receiver in Giants history.


V. Cruz 6 receptions for 98 yards; Cruz has earned his place on this team and is proving to be the solution to Steve Smiths departure.


J. Ballard 3 receptions 33 yards and a touchdown; Ballard may not hay Kevin Bosses hands or even be able to match his speed, but he continues to find ways to get open and be a productive part of the offense.


O. Umenyiora two sacks and a forced fumble; Osi showed why he thinks he deserves a new contract, and may have put on a bit of a show to entice a possible trade partner for the week six trade deadline.




In the end the Giants won, however even if Tom Coughlin does agree with the Victor Cruz call no one else should. The Giants lost this game but the referees said Cruz “gave himself up” now I bleed blue, but if Plaxico Buress spiking the ball after giving himself up is a fumble and if when people dive and roll to a first down isn’t giving your self up Cruz lying down and getting up untouched with out the ball is a fumble.




Eli Manning 24/39 420 yards and 3 touchdowns; productive game but with two tipped passes one going for an offensive touchdown and one being picked off by the Seahawks and being returned for a touchdown it seemed he did have some magic but not enough to win.


Victor Cruz 8 receptions 161 and a touchdown; Cruz almost tipped the Giants to a victory making one of the most amazing one handed grabs off a tipped pass you’ll ever see, however turn about is fair play and on the Giants final drive Cruz slipped on a route and tipped up an Eli manning pass that went for a pick six.


Jake Ballard 3 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown; Kevin Boss will always be a quality person that Giants fans will miss both off and on the field but Ballard is quickly etching a name for himself with each passing game.


Jasson Pierre Paul 5 solo tackles and 2 sacks in the battle of first round picks JPP won with continuous knockout punches. He is proving to be the steel of the draft and that’s saying something considering he was the 15th overall selection but no one passes on a Michel Strahan, Justin Tuck,or  Mario Williams so anything short of top two (considering Suh was also in this draft) is a steal.


The Giants let one get away from them and can’t have a lapse like this again if they hope to make the playoffs.

Plaxico Burress 6’5 230 ponds tenth season visited with his former team this offseason and decided to return to New York where he had previously been a supper bowl hero, however he didn’t return to the Giants but signed with the Jets. Ever since the 2008 season the Giants have been trying to replace his redzone presence and a player at his size in strength isn’t easy to come by. That being said the Giants have drafted well at wide receiver: Hakeem Nicks 6’1 210 pounds in his third season and would have been an obvious selection to the probowl had it not been for injury: Mario Manningham 6’0 185 pounds in his fourth season has shown both the speed and the hands to be an all around productive receiver for the Giants: Victor Cruz 6’0 210 pounds in his second season had an outstanding offseason last year before injury and has been a huge playmaker for the team this year. But it’s in Ramses Barden (6’6 230 pounds in his third season) that the Giants see Plaxicos redzone replacement. We’ve all seen Larry Fitzgerald and the

Johnsons Andre and Calvin (no relations) out jump opposing DB’s on fade routes in the redzone. That’s how the Giants envision Barden at 6’6 230 he can use his body and leaping ability in a way that makes couches salivate. Barden has been sidlined the majority of his first two seasons by injury but has yet another chance to prove himself returning to practice October 24 he has a chance to work his way back into the line up and give the Giants that scary weapon they have been missing.