Shaun of the Dead Hot FuzzShaun of the Dead launched the careers of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost but continuously overlooked is Edgar Wright; Wright credited as writer and director of the film is hardly mentioned in the same conversation with Pegg and Frost even though he also directed and co-wrote their 2007 film Hot Fuzz. Wright truly didn’t get noticed until his box office flop Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, it’s hard to believe that this 2010 film now has such a following and is already considered a cult classic. The true triumph of the film was a collaboration between directing and the edit room (editors Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss), which gave birth to what I call comic transition when reading graphic novels characters move from frame to frame independent from set or backdrop hastening the moments of time and space. One moment Bruce Wayne is in the entrance of a door in his manor the next frame he’s in the Bat Cave as Batman. Typically to do this in film you would cut from one scene to the next to give the illusion of time and space passing, Wright removes the edit he pans away from the current shot or scene and the character, essentially to the viewer teleports to a new location while time is still running concurrently along with the action. This allows the action sequences to attain a never before dreamed of pace. It’s really the realization of what Hitchcock was trying to achieve in rope (the removal of edit altogether) but without the limitations of his time. Wrights technique is now regularly used in advertising and other films, but he and his staff will always be the ones who truly perfected it.