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R.I.P Zach Carr

The original intent of my project was much like all my others “to tell a story”. However the original story I went out to shoot had complications. Being unable to shoot at the hospital or being able to afford the whiskey known as Van Winkle were two major portions of the original project structure, but much like unforeseen problems have in the past (Dustin Hoffman saying “I’m walking here” as a New York Taxi driver drove through the barricaded street on to a set and almost hit the actor he held character and coined a line for the ages) I believe the outcome was greater then its original intent. Most everything I shoot still or moving is shot in a way that I believe shows beautiful realism, to most this is depressing take on the real but to me it’s the beauty of pain and torment.  As far as being a friend, responsible, rational, or even a coherent being goes the subject isn’t the best example. To his credit however he has the ability to reveal emotion in ways that I find to be truly unique. The shoot took place over a ten hour period where the subject was no more then himself, enraged and saddened by the hand he has been dealt of recent and copping it with the only way he knows how. Starting the day with shots on an almost closed aperture F 22 I set up an ellipsoidal light spotlighting only the sections of the action I wanted reveled. This gave me four shouts that placed the model in an almost void darkness as he showed the beginning of his attempt his turmoil. The black to me also represented his feeling that he was truly alone in his current struggle leaving him to fall back on his only consistent friend whisky. The next segment took place in my restroom and was entirely based on shutter speed, this was shot out of the timeline in the story because I thought it was best to get the difficult shots that relied on the models ability to stand still and or hit marks in his movement before he “identified with the character he represented so well that he would be unable to stop from swaying”. These shots were a lot of hit and miss and generating random ideas that I thought would express inner turmoil. During this process one of the more interesting shots that occurred was one where eyes became almost entirely glassed over and didn’t reveal the pupil. The original idea was an attempt to black out his eyes by using the slow shutter speed and capturing his pupil multiple times, in fact the reverse happened the movement removed almost all color from his eyes an gave his eyes a more metallic or silver look. The desired emotion I wanted the audience to feel was reached but from a different outcome. The next shoot was my favorite and made me long for a magical motion camera that can pull out color and blackness the way a night shot with a slow shutter speed can. This portion of the project was designed to show the viewer that there is a portion of self-destruction that the subject enjoys otherwise why commits such detrimental behavior. The subject is placed against the backdrop of the city and its lights and using the shutter in some instances almost seems to be in a dream as lights and shadow hold him in an almost god like state. This was the desired outcome for the look of the pictures. This was to be followed by the aforementioned shoot showing the crash from this high and I hoped the juxtaposition of these segments would draw more shock and reaction from the viewer. The final shoot of the project took place in the ruins of an old building in town. Much like his surroundings the subjects time of being useful and in working condition have passed I wanted to leave this portion as dark as possible concentrating on shadow to no longer hold him in her embrace but to express the subjects eminent destruction. I took a large portion of close-ups of the subjects face with changing light and shadow with the idea of putting this to a score and creating hectic shadow motion with a fade over his eyes to show the darkening of his eyes by shadow, much like pulling a blanket over a deceased persons face, or closing their eyes out of respect. In the presentation of this photo shoot I decided to make a video I made two cuts because originally the idea had came from Gnarls Barkley’s CD Saint Elsewhere I scored it to a costume mix I had made from 4 songs off that album. This proved to be more comical then moving and the viewer was driven by the words from the songs as apposed to the images, thus leading me to make another cut to Radio Heads Reckoner. This is a beautiful but is more of a ballad without words with a heavenly eeriness and I believed it was much more effective. In the end the project had some shortcomings but more then accurately represented and evoked its desired effect.




Chapters 17 and 18

Timing of the release of information- building relationships with bloggers who have the power to release information to a wide verity of users is a risk dependant on trust and contracts. You can give outlets first release but do not give them the information before the release date without an agreement in writing concerning release date and time. We were fortunate to have complete control using RVL’s website and facebook page we were able to present information to the public at the times when we wanted. We also made business cards that were passed out to participants so that they could release their contest info to their independent groups. This and the publicity by releasing contest info over the course of a month helped created quite a buzz. Although it is hard to measure the success of Internet 2.0 we have measurable data with site hits, votes generated for contestants, and facebook likes/friend adds. Constantly monitoring this and the finial number of views for the released grand prize video, in addition to the comparison of site activity before and after. Will give us a relatively good representation of what type of interest we created in RVL.


One Super task for the Elite

The media was a buzz at the beginning of the season because the normally reserved Manning was asked if he thought he was Elite at his position. He responded with a passionate yes and put himself in a class with the QB he beat in Super Bowl XLII. This weekend Eli goes head to head again with the universally revered Tom Brady, this may not be the Super Bowl but it will be the measuring stick that will define what has been an amazing season for Eli. This weekend Brady will have all his weapons at his disposal, while the constantly doubted Eli will be missing his #1 target in Hakeem Nicks and could also be without his #2 due to an undisclosed illness and even if he is available he wasn’t able to practice all week so we should expect rust. If that wasn’t enough the Giants won’t have the services of Ahamad Bradshaw who will be out due to a broken foot. Traditionally Eli has been most effective passing after play-action which will be less effective this weekend due to the increasingly ineffective running game of the Giants. The sad fact is even if Eli overcomes all of these things and gives an inspired performance he will still fail to silence his critics.

In a rematch of Super Bowl XLII this Sunday it’s the Giants Vs. the Pats.


Justin Tuck and Tom Brady: Tuck could have easily been Bowl XLII MVP. It will be interesting to see how Giants defensive coordinator utilizes Tuck he has found success rushing from the d-tackle spot as well as end and linebacker.


Eli Vs. the World: earlier this year Eli said he was Elite and said he was in the same class as Brady. This weekend he gets to go head to head with that statement. He will also not be able to rely on the running game which has been anemic as of late and has taken another hit with its leading rusher breaking his foot. If that wasn’t enough Eli’s number one target Hakeem Nicks is expected to miss the game and Mario Manningham had miss practice all week with an undisclosed illness. Eli will have to excel by using receivers he hasn’t spent much time with this season.


Victor Cruz and the Pats DB’s: Nicks is down Manningham has missed practice all week and most likely the starting receiver across from him will have just come off the PUP list and will see his first action of the season. Cruz needs to have a big game and will probably see regular safety help given to covering him.


If the Giants sack Brady like they did in Bowl XLII then they win if they don’t they lose. I see a high scoring affair Giants get up big to overcome for their coach 31:28

The book addresses the way marketing communications (that are person to person) are veering off its designed path and merging with and becoming more customer service. During the process of promoting River Valley Leader we have pushed a contest that will pit local musicians talents against one another for a prize. I have personally gone to every local music venue I could find and get the word out and although I was unable to get every act I wanted to participate in the contest through discussions it was very evident that many fans and other bands plan on supporting their counterparts that they perform with. Developing these relationships is very important in reaching a previously untapped audience also getting front streets music director involved and having people willing to support their friends got them to the site and allowed them to see its advantages. The mug shot section on the site enthralled most people and seems to be the thing that’s most likely to get this demographic to return to the site even after the voting ends. Also allowing them to vote multiple time will keep them coming back and maybe draw their attention to other tings RVL has to offer and even if we only develop 100 new viewers through this contest the time we took to talk to the consumer will make them more likely to be dedicated readers/viewers.


Next Sunday vs. Miami
Looking at what follows this game this is a must win, but historically the Giants have not been good after a bye so this could be a trap game.


Nov. 6 at New England
Super Bowl XLII both teams still have a lot of the players from this game on their rosters and you don’t forget the team that took away your perfect season.


Nov. 13 at San Francisco
Jim Harbaugh’s has turned this team around and with the way they stop the run and pound the ball with Frank Gore this is no easy task for the Giants.


Nov. 20 vs. Philadelphia
Even with the Eagles struggles this will be one of the toughest games the Giants have all year. With no love lost between these teams this will be a very volatile game and it may come down to composure and who doesn’t get penalized.


Nov. 28 at New Orleans
This is a tough matchup the Giants they have trouble with teams that utilize the short passing game i.e. Green Bay, Bills, and you guessed it the Saints.

Dec. 4 vs. Green Bay

Again the Giants struggle with slants and quick outs, but when the champs come to town you get up to play to the level of your opponent. This could be the game that makes the media consider the Giants real contenders or an overachieving injury riddled team that can’t compete with legitimate teams.


Dec. 11 at Dallas
It’s been tough to figure the Cowboys because their five games have been decided by a total of 16 points, but they haven’t played a team with a losing record, so they must be pretty good to keep them all close.


Dec. 18 vs. Washington
The Redskins aren’t impressive at 3-2 and they didn’t really outplay the Giants in Week 1. The Giants should win here.


Dec. 24 at Jets
This game will be about ejections


Jan. 1 at Dallas

Someway, somehow, we feel this game will be for the NFC East. Maybe not between these two teams, and perhaps it’ll involve three teams, but this race will come down to the



Tim Jones Original score (75 episodes, 2007-2011)

Scott Schirle Music editor (77 episodes, 2007-2011)


Most of the time people use what they know works and don’t venture too much out of that comfort zone. Jones and Schirle has noticed that their spy show doesn’t employ your typical James Bond/Jason Bourne type of spy and they reflect it in the shows score. It all starts with the opening theme it’s a version of the Cake song short skirt and long jacket it sets the comical yet serious stone to the program. The rest of the scores are songs from little known singer songwriters mostly in live acoustic fashion. It gives the show a real honest feel and is an effective way to convey the emotions of the actors. In many circumstances music is considered a crutch used to legitimize poor works of cinema, but this is a masterful use of music and is the perfect compliment to the story and presentation.

After an 8-year career, which includes a Super Bowl ring and a Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning still has trouble convincing people of his elite status. This season however Eli is in the top 10 in every passing category except in interceptions.


5th in passing yards 1778

9th in completion percentage 63.8

2nd in yards per attempt 9.1 yards

6th in TD’s with 11

3rd in QB rating 101.1

1st in plays over 40 yards

3rd in plays over 20 yards


In addition to these impressive stats Eli now has the longest active starting streak of any NFL QB, which until week one this year was a record that belonged to his brother. This is also the first season in which Eli hasn’t had to compete with his brother’s stat line due to Peytons neck injury.  So for the first time in his career Eli doesn’t have to deal with the medias constant comparisons of he and his brother’s stat lines. Now he may never be Tom Brady or his brother Peyton but Eli is in the Elite category. Not only are his numbers in the top 10 in every category and in most cases in the top five, but his commanded of reading the defense and audibling to the right play run or pass is second to none. All Eli has done this season is overcome what people said he couldn’t, he loses Kevin Boss and Steve Smith; he loses two pro bowl caliber offensive linemen, and after losing these players all he has done is have the best statistical season of his career.

Key Match-Ups


Tavris Jackson and the Giants defensive line, the Giants line currently leads the NFL in sacks and QB pressures. Jackson isn’t thought of as an elite QB and it will be interesting to see if the Giants can rattle him and create a few turnovers. Jason Pierre Paul and Russell Okung were both first round picks and it will be interesting to see who will win this matchup.


Mario Manningham can he produce at the levels we saw last season but have yet to see this season. Victor Cruz has over shadowed Mario but Manningham has the speed and hands to be a huge weapon for the Giants offense and with a weak Seahawks secondary should have a chance for resurgence.


Giants run game and the Seahawks defense the Giants aren’t getting their regular production on the ground and will have a weak Seahawks Line backing core so if there was ever a week to get things together this is it.



The Giants get after the QB and have to many offensive weapons for the Seahawks. Giants win 31 to 10